Galvanized Metal Stud Wall & Ceiling Partitioning

Galvanized Metal Profile offers a sturdy framework for plasterboard to be fixed. This is both a quicker method of installation. You can choose to use metal stud frameworks in vertical wall partitions and wall linings or in horizontal ceiling applications,


Galvanized Metal Profile for partition system is made of hot galvanized steel, including Stud, Track, C-Channel, Corner bead & accessories.


Metal Ceiling Profile, ceiling keel, is made of hot galvanized steel, including C-Channel, Carrier, Omega(Furring Channel), Wall angle & fitting accessories.


Metal Profile has light weight, high strength, fire resistance and noise reduction features


Galvanized Metal stud Wall & Ceiling Profile will have perfect decorative effect with gypsum board, calcium silicate boards and other decorative materials. It applies to public building, hotels and residential applications etc.


Metal stud frameworks are versatile in that insulation can easily be incorporated within the structure and plasterboard can be applied to produce a cost effective solution to building a new internal partition wall, lining or ceiling, or to improving and upgrading any existing wall or ceiling.


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