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Access Panel is designed to provide easy access to walls and ceilings for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications.


Material: Aluminum Access Panel;  Steel Access Panel


Size: 300*300mm;400*400mm;450*450mm; 500*500mm;600*600mm;800*800mm;600*1200mm;.  Other Special size  available on request.


1. Easy and quick installation, fixing by screws or clips;

2.Highclass quality, perfect design, light weight but strong bearing capacity, no dusty.

3. Mildew resistant, corrosion proof.


1.Ceilings and walls of building, hotels shopping malls, hospital, school, office,indoor decoration etc. .

2. Central air conditioning system.

Aluminum Access Panel (SCAP1001)

aluminum access panel (front surface)

Aluminum access panel inner side

Access Panel with lock (SCAP1002)

Aluminum Access Panel with touch lock

Aluminum Access Panel without powder

Access Panel (bubble bag packing)

Access panel with carton packing

aluminum access panel (shipping mark)

loading of access panel

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